TAD Compact Evolution 1 standmount loudspeaker

TAD Compact Evolution One

Imaging too is exceptional, with bass integration that fits the room, not just the loudspeaker. Which all sets a standard you’ll struggle to replicate from a loudspeaker at this size, price, or performance.

If there’s a deviation from absolute honesty, the CE1s adds a mild warmth to the overall presentation. This adds to the listening pleasure, rather than masking fine detail, but it’s this that sets it apart from its far bigger Reference models. In its peer group though, it simply trades blows with the best of them.

I began this review by trying to unseat a meme. I’m going to end the same way. TAD’s Compact Evolution 1 is an outstanding loudspeaker. Not just a loudspeaker to make big sounds in small rooms. And it’s not just the first choice for TAD users. This is a cogent loudspeaker system in its own right, for people who have no plans to buy any other TAD equipment. Yes, it sounds great in context, but the TAD Compact Evolution 1 loudspeaker sounds great with a number of different amps in a wide variety of locations because it’s a great loudspeaker. Strongly recommended.

Technical Specifications

Type: Three-way bass reflex standmount loudspeaker

Driver configuration: 35mm dome tweeter coaxially mounted within 140mm cone midrange. 180mm woofer

Frequency response: 34Hz–100kHz

Crossover frequencies: 250 Hz, 2kHz

Maximum input: 200W

Nominal impedance:

Sensitivity: 85dB (1m, 2.83V)

Dimensions (W×H×D): 29× 52.4×44.6cm

Weight: 30 kg

Price: £16,495 per pair (£17,995 with stands)

Manufactured by: TAD

URL: www.tad-labs.com

Distributed by: Nu Nu Distribution

URL: www.nunudistribution.co.uk

Tel: +(0)203 544 2338

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