Take Care of High Tech Gadgets with Cases from OtterBox

Blackberry 8700 series,
Otterbox Defender Series
Take Care of High Tech Gadgets with Cases from OtterBox

Anyone who has ever dropped and broken (or even badly scuffed) a precious high-tech gadget can tell you that a well-made protective case can be worth its weight in gold. Ah, but there’s the rub. What kind of case is best for you?

Ft. Collins, CO-based OtterBox give you options and lots of them, since the firm offers rugged, semi-rugged, and skin-type protective cases for a broad range of today’s most popular handheld media players and smart phones, including the Apple iPod and iPhone, various BlackBerry and Treo smartphones, and a variety of laptops, iPAQs, Tablet PCs, UMPCs and more.  The point is that OtterBox lets you select the level of protection you need and want, and then work from there.

According to a company release, three of OtterBox’s newest releases are Defender-series cases for the Palm Treo 800w, BlackBerry 8700-series, and Palm Centro smartphones. The release says the Defender cases are designed to “safeguard (the phones) from dust, drops, dirt and scratches” while providing “sexy, slim-fit protection.”

For more information visit: www.otterbox.com  

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