Tannoy’s In-Ceiling CVS4 Micro Speaker Fits Where Others Won’t

Tannoy’s In-Ceiling CVS4 Micro Speaker Fits Where Others Won’t

Coatbridge, Scotland-based Tannoy is famous for building loudspeakers based on so-called “coaxial” drivers—a statement that holds true whether we are talking about the firm’s largest high-end floorstanders or very compact in-ceiling speakers such as the new CVS4 Micro.

Coaxial drivers typically feature tweeters mounted on the same centerline axis as, and physically positioned at the center of, surrounding ring-shaped mid-bass drivers, so that listeners enjoy the benefits of two drivers that essentially speak as one. Another benefit is that coaxial drivers are compact (two separate drivers can fit in the space normally occupied by one), a characteristic Tannoy leverages in its tiny CVS4 Micro.

According to a company press release, the CVS4 Micro is a “full bandwidth ceiling speaker system comprising a 4” mid bass driver with a coaxially mounted .75” high frequency section.” Because the CVS4 Micro’s included back can-type enclosure measures less than 4” deep, the speaker is “perfect for demanding applications where above-ceiling space is limited.”

According to Tannoy, highlights of the CVS4 Micro are as follows:

•    Frequency response: 90HZ – 22kHz
•    Sensitivity: 87 db (1w/1m)
•    4-inch mineral loaded coaxial mid-bass driver
•    .75-inch soft dome, ferrofluid cooled, diffraction loaded, coaxial tweeter with Neodymium magnets
•    Low insertion loss 15W line transformer with front tapping switch (allows the speaker to be used in 70V or 100V systems)
•    UV/weather resistant front baffle
•    Shallow <4-inch deep can-type enclosure with side-mounted terminals
•    Comes with tile rails and C-ring for quick, easy mounting

Price: Not specified.

For more information, visit: http://www.tannoy-speakers.com/s.php?product=321

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