TEAD Groove Plus SRX, Herron Audio VPTH-2, Graham Slee Revelation Phonostages

Graham Slee Revelation Phonostage and Elevator EXP Moving-Coil Head Amplifier,
Herron Audio VTPH-2 Vacuum Tube Phono Preamplifier,
TEAD Groove Plus SRX

The Graham Slee Revelation Phono-Stage and Elevator EXP Moving-Coil Head Amplifier

In recent years, Graham Slee has garnered an excellent and well-deserved reputation for his standalone phonostages. Diminutive solid-state units, their feet are placed firmly on the commercial path first blazed by the Iso, but possess a strong individual identity and an ethos that’s all their own. Indeed, Graham first started work on phono to line stages for professional/mastering applications as early as 1982, although the first domestic products appeared some ten years ago. Not surprisingly, the circuits are based on high-speed ICs and components specifically selected to minimize propagation delay and phase error.

Originally presented in the simplest of black painted casework, with “beyond basic” graphics, recent production has benefited from a dramatic improvement in aesthetic quality, the review samples arriving in still simple but beautifully executed silver chassis work, with neat and clearly legible screen printing for the controls – very necessary as we shall see. The aesthetic sensibilities even extend to the external, plastic moulded PSU 1 supplies that power both units, which are noticeably nicer than your average wall-warts. Flying in the face of fashion,

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