TEAD Groove Plus SRX, Herron Audio VPTH-2, Graham Slee Revelation Phonostages

Graham Slee Revelation Phonostage and Elevator EXP Moving-Coil Head Amplifier,
Herron Audio VTPH-2 Vacuum Tube Phono Preamplifier,
TEAD Groove Plus SRX
TEAD Groove Plus SRX, Herron Audio VPTH-2, Graham Slee Revelation Phonostages

King’s ‘(You make me feel like) a Natural Woman’ are more emphatic, more deliberately placed, with a greater range of weight and emphasis. The way they add to and accent the lyric becomes more dramatic and effective, both because of the greater sense of placement and pacing, and also the rooted solidity and weight that the SRX brings to the instrument. What I’m talking about here is musical and dynamic authority. The Groove has always had instrumental and spatial detail to burn, leaning on its resolution to hold things together. Its new found temporal stability now delivers a far firmer foundation and with it a more relaxed and confident performance.

What the SRX upgrades do for the Groove is place it firmly back at the top table of vinyl replay. It is also, by some distance, the most affordable of the various options I see seated there. This latest round of refinements to an established theme have added flexibility, allowing you to further optimize matching to and the performance of your cartridge, as well as extending the performance of the Groove itself in exactly those areas where it was weakest. The result is a more accomplished, a more versatile, a more balanced but above all a more natural performer.

And as a postscript, let’s not forget that the SRX mods have implications for existing Tom Evans owners too, in that they offer both an upgrade path for Groove owners and the option for cartridge matching across the range, enhancing the performance available to MicroGroove users as well.

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