TESTED: Nola Viper Reference Loudspeaker

Nola Loudspeakers Viper Reference
TESTED: Nola Viper Reference Loudspeaker

ranges than “bass” or “midrange.” If I had to hazard a guess, part of the Viper’s secret is that it reproduces the upper bass and lower midrange quite richly, and that is where the fundamentals of many instruments lie. Getting this part of the spectrum right lends the Viper’s presentation a sense of weight similar to what you hear at concerts. The Viper’s smooth and open midrange and treble ensure that the sense of weight seems musically right and never slow or ponderous.

A noteworthy parallel to the Viper’s ability to make many discs sound good is that the Viper is quite easy to set up. Roy Gregory, reviewing the Vipers as part of a system in Hi-Fi+, had a similar experience. The Viper doesn’t seem to be as sensitive to room placement as some speakers, which suggests that more than a few consumers will be able to take advantage of its many merits.

So, the Viper is a different beast to be sure. If stunning transparency on the occasional recording is essential to you, the Viper is not your speaker. If you listen to a certain kind of music and must have some particular parameter just so, the Viper won’t be your speaker either. If, on the other hand, you are frustrated by products that occasionally impress but don’t really allow you to focus on the music, I think you’d find the Nola Viper to be a breakthrough. I did.  

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