The Ballerina Sweetspot

Klutz Design Ballerina Sweetspot
The Ballerina Sweetspot

It had to happen. We've had audiophile furniture, acoustic wall coverings, audiophile-grade power sockets, there was even a company making audio carpets. It was only a matter of time before someone started to think of the perfect audiophile chair. The Ballerina Sweetspot now completes the audiophile home catalog.

The Sweetspot listening chair by klutz design is the brainchild of Swedish designer Jonas Rylander and audiophile Michael Hollesen. Starting out as a plan to make a chair with hollow arm-rests to hide the remote controls that form a key part of today's audio experience. The two then proceeded to brainstorm what would then be needed from an audio chair, including a headrest comfortable enough to allow long-term listening, but not so large that it created rear-reflections and interfered with the sound, a lower than usual back, but with lumbar support, adjustable height to match the tweeter angle and feet that help isolate the chair from vibration.

Available from early 2010, the prototype of the chair is on display at Audio Concept in Stockholm. That might prove just a bit far for our audio comfort zones, so we hope to have details on prices (not just in Euros) and availability soon.

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