The Best Sound at RMAF?

The Best Sound at RMAF?

I heard many show-goers complaining about the awful sound in the Primrose room hosted by Audio Limits. They had YG Acoustics Anat II Reference speakers ($107,000), Weiss Jason transport ($19,600) Weiss Medea DAC ($16,200), Blacknote DSS-30 ($4500) Aural Acoustics Cables and a HRS SXR rack ($10,000), and FM Acoustics 811 MK2 amplifier ($128,800) with the FM Acoustics 245 preamp ($23,200). According to my math the entire system cost over $320,000. I scheduled 20 minutes before the show opened to hear it for myself. I was amazed how superb it sounded as long as it wasn’t turned up to the point where the room become involved. Once the room started to sing along the sound went straight into the crapper. But at lower SPLs it was the best I heard in terms of resolution and transparency. Too bad most RMAF visitors never got a chance to hear what this system could do since once the show opened the volume was immediately too loud. At show levels the system’s considerable sonic virtues were buried under maelstorm of reverb and unsympathetic resonances

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