The Chord Company. A Clearway for better sound: new ClearwayX

Multi-award-winning Clearway speaker cable now even better, thanks to new XLPE technology upgrade

The Chord Company. A Clearway for better sound: new ClearwayX

14th July 2020, Wiltshire, England: One of Chord Company’s most decorated speaker cables, Clearway, (What Hi-Fi? Best Speaker cable 2015, 2016 and 2017), has been made even better, thanks to an upgrade to the A/V cable specialist’s recently launched XLPE insulation technology. The new ClearwayX (available from today) is a direct replacement for Clearway and introduces a number of sound quality benefits over the original design. 

Chord Company has been hand-building high-performance A/V cables in Great Britain since 1985 and the new ClearwayX builds upon the original time-proven Clearway construction, making improvements to the critical dielectric (insulation) by upgrading to XLPE. Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE) introduces benefits in phase stability over previously used materials, bringing noticeable sound quality improvements during the company’s testing. 

ClearwayX’s XLPE-insulated conductors are built from multi-strand oxygen-free copper and are arranged in a twisted-pair configuration to reduce interference. The two conductors are further protected with a layer of soft PVC in order to correctly space the shielding in relation to the conductors and to minimise any mechanically induced noise. 

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