The David Berning Quadrature Z Mono Power Amplifiers

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David Berning Quadrature Z
The David Berning Quadrature Z Mono Power Amplifiers

I think the Beatles said it best when they sang, “Oh that magic feeling, nowhere to go”. And it is true, for me anyway, that having absolutely nothing to do and nowhere to go is indeed magical. I have never been able to understand those people who are always going on about how they just HAVE to be doing something or they would go mad. The idea that, upon waking, the day stretches before me, is entirely my own and requires no contact with the outside world is blissful indeed. Sometimes I can spend hours with my guitars or effects pedals, simply playing the day away.

But recently things have changed. Whereas I would normally begin my listening sometime during the early afternoon, increasingly often I have found myself perched on the sofa as early as 8.30 AM intrigued by some musical fascination. And of late I have often stayed there for hours on end, rising only to change the music or make tea. I have begun to realise that, somewhere deep within my previous appalling slovenliness, there was a kind of routine. An order of things that is probably linked to a kind of deeply anal Virgoan fastidiousness that is completely out of my control (although RG would say it’s because I am just a recluse at heart). Fortunately I will not have to seek help for my present condition. It will pass quite naturally, for I have realized who is responsible; I point the finger across the Atlantic at David Berning of Maryland in the USA, as it is his monobloc amplifiers that have had me totally hooked and continually capture my musical fascination in a way that so few products ever have.

For days before sitting down to write any review I try to format the task stretching before me in my head. What am I going to say and how will I say it? But, every now and again, when an absolutely brilliant piece of audio hardware comes along I can’t help fantasising about submitting a piece that has the name of the component and just a few words beneath which say something like “Totally amazing amplifier, if you have the system for it and can afford it, then buy it”. It’s succinct, to the point and encapsulates how I feel, but it doesn’t give you the full

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