The Eben Ayra C1 Loudspeaker

Eben Ayra C1
The Eben Ayra C1 Loudspeaker

There’s no getting away from it, I have been on a great run recently. Since earlier in the year I have been spoilt rotten with the quality of the equipment that has passed through my hands. It has also been an instructive experience as I took active steps to rebuild my home system from the base up after several lengthy conversations with the editor. His notion that conventional system-building wisdom was somewhat skewed had intrigued me for some time but as ever, it was only when we found ourselves in the same room, at the same time and with all the required hardware that I fully understood the musical reality of what he had been getting at. Someone can tell you something a thousand times, but they only have to show you once and you either get it or you don’t. Audio, like life, is about learning and I’ve learned a lot this year.

This brings me to the Eben C1. This is a small, beautifully proportioned and finished loudspeaker, designed literally from the ground up. I often ask myself why any loudspeaker manufacturer would make a stand-mounted speaker without designing the stand as well? They all know that you can kill performance by using the wrong support and any company that leaves the choice of stand to the dealer or customer is gambling with variable consistency and performance. The C1 comes with its own stand, one that is cleverly conceived yet apparently breaks quite a few “rules” along the way. We are talking about resonance control again and these stands incorporate several interesting ideas. The top and base sections are of MDF while the arched support is formed from plywood and the bracing strut is a hollow aluminium shaft. The base contains four loosely coupled, radiused rod and cup feet, while the speaker is decoupled from the top of the stand by small felt topped discs supported on captive ball bearings.

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