The Hi-Fi+ Top 100: Schitt to Zanden

The Hi-Fi+ Top 100: Schitt to Zanden

Our final round of the best products from the finest brands of the last 20 years, covering products made from early 1999 to 2019. Please note, this feature was in celebration of Hi-Fi+ twenty years of high-quality audio reviews and accompanied our 170th printed issue. Audio is a fluid, dynamic market, and reviews published after Hi-Fi+ Issue 170 are also relevant!

Schitt Yggdrasil/Ragnarok

Reviewed in Issue 134

The Schiit flagship personal audio rig comprises the ‘Yggy’ DAC with Ragnarok headphone amp; a formidable performer, capable of driving the most demanding headphones with ease and playing music with insight!

Reviewed by Chris Martens

Sennheiser HD800

Reviewed in Issue 65

With the HD800S and HD820 getting the attention today, never forget the HD800 is where it all started; this leading-edge detail-driven headphone is still one of the world’s best. 

Reviewed by Alan Sircom

Shunyata Research Denali D6000/T

Reviewed in Issue 162

Shunyata’s excellent Denali power conditioner is designed to sit next to your rack; this can quell noise, smooth out the sound, and really open out the soundstage on any system! 

Reviewed by Alan Sircom

SME 20/12

Reviewed in Issue 50

The combination of SME’s no-compromise build quality and 12” arms is irresistible. The SME 20/12 turntable platform is large, heavy, and fantastic; the matching 312S arm delivers the goods too.

Reviewed by Roy Gregory

Warwick Acoustics Model One

Reviewed in Issue 148

An ambitious complete electrostatic headphone project based on Japanese high-resolution technology meets British university smarts. The result is a lean, mean detail-resolving machine (originally tested under the previous Sonoma Acoustics brand).

Reviewed by Chris Martens

Sonus faber Guarneri Homage Tradition

Reviewed in Issue 151

Named after one of the great Cremona violin makers, the Guarneri needs little introduction, but the latest Homage Tradition version brings the design sonically and stylistically bang up to date.

Reviewed by Alan Sircom

Soulution 520

Reviewed in Issue 136

The full-function line-and-phono preamp is rare today, but Soulution’s 520 preamplifier is a welcome exception to the rule. This minimalist middleweight (by Soulution’s standards) packs a hell of a punch!

Reviewed by Alan Sircom

Spendor D1

Reviewed in Issue 126

Designed to work close to the rear wall, the high-spec two-way stand-mount loudspeaker took the performance of the popular Spendor SA1 from the 2000s and transformed it in the process.

Reviewed by Roy Gregory

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