The Marten Coltrane Supreme Loudspeaker System

Marten Coltrane Supreme
The Marten Coltrane Supreme Loudspeaker System

Time then finally, to talk about resolution. Having already said that it’s not just about detail, but that it’s what you do with that detail that turns it into information, you still need the raw material to work with. The first thing that strikes you about the Martens, particularly before they warm up and integrate properly, is the sheer quantity of raw detail they throw out. In this respect they exceed such stellar performers as the Martin Logan CLS and Summit. And they do so across a far wider bandwidth – indeed, across their entire bandwidth. They deliver texture and shape to notes from the bottom to the very top of their range, and tellingly, their bass notes are never earthbound, never roll along the listening room floor. Instead they’re always floated within the acoustic. Use a high-resolution source like the Lyra Titan i and the sheer surface detail and dynamic discrimination is astonishing – but because the Coltrane Supremes extend that quality across the entire range it underpins and enhances the performance, rather than spot-lighting a specific frequency band which ultimately becomes distracting. Examples are legion and I’ll not bore you with the specifics. Transparency and detail freaks are going to go nuts over this speaker. Those who have never placed themselves in that category will start to understand why others do. The secret of speaker design is to achieve balanced performance, so that neither your strengths nor your weaknesses draw attention to themselves. The Marten Coltrane Supreme is a balanced design – which given the degree of resolution it possesses is a truly remarkable feat.

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