The new Ideon Audio Absolute ε (Epsilon) DAC

Digital-to-analog converters
The new Ideon Audio Absolute ε (Epsilon) DAC

We are excited to announce the new Absolute ε (Epsilon) DAC, a statement for our 5th anniversary. The Absolute ε is the result of our continuous effort to design and manufacture the best digital converter today. Our design team came up with more innovations and new digital technologies that reflects our constant strive for excellence. Those are incorporated into this new DAC, to improve an already amazing and successful device. 

As happens with all of our products, the Absolute ε is a fully proprietary design, with audio technologies developed in-house without the use of any third party or off-the-shelf modules that unfortunately we see in many high-end products. It’s a bespoke product, with a final handcrafted touch. With its future-proof modular construction, built to the highest standards, the Ideon Absolute E DAC encapsulates the current state-of-the-art in digital signal conversion. The technology within is an innovative, no-compromise, combination of high-performance design features and top-quality components. 

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