The new Ideon Audio Absolute ε (Epsilon) DAC

Digital-to-analog converters
The new Ideon Audio Absolute ε (Epsilon) DAC

Ideon Audio’s new reference DAC - the Absolute Epsilon DAC – will be unveiled at the UK AUDIO SHOW, DE VERE STAVERTON ESTATE – OCTOBER 9-10 along with the Ideon Audio - Absolute Stream & Absolute Time. Come experience the new reference in digital audio. 

As we always do, we offer a full upgrade to all Absolute DAC customers, until June 30th, 2022. Details are available through our distributor’s/dealers’ network. 

For more information visit: 

About Ideon Audio. 

Founded in early 2016, Ideon Audio is a boutique audio systems manufacturer of extreme performance digital sound equipment. 

The sonic goal: to offer products which reveal the music hidden within the digital data, in other words, transport us to the recorded musical event: fully extended frequency range, real-life dynamics, clarity, and detail. To achieve these results, all our products are designed and built in-house, with proprietary designs without use of off-the-shelf modules. 

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