T.H.E. Newport Beach 2014 - Electronics Part I

Show report
T.H.E. Newport Beach 2014 - Electronics Part I

Continuing our coverage of T.H.E. Show Newport Beach, we take a first look at the latest audio electronics to make the grade.

April Music was showing its latest iteration of the popular Aura Note all-in-one music center. This new Version 2 costs $2,995.

Audio Research always puts on a good show, thanks to a strong range of fine products, including the $13,000 Reference CD9 one-box CD transport DAC.

Audio Research also showed its top phono stage, the $30,000 Reference Phono 10. Like the matching line stage, this two box model draws on lessons learned from the Anniversary preamp.

AURALiC has developed a reputation for ultra high performance without ultra high prices, as the $5,000 Merak power amplifiers ably demonstrate

German musical muscle brand AVM shows it has brains as well as brawn, with its flagship $12,900 CD8T tube CD player

Ayon’s combination of elegance and intelligent audio design continues to wow, thanks to the $14,000 Stratos preamp/DAC, the popular $10,500 3SX, which combines CD player with DSD-supporting DAC and streamer, and the epic $68,900 Titan mono amps

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