T.H.E. Newport Beach 2014 - Loudspeakers Part II

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T.H.E. Newport Beach 2014 - Loudspeakers Part II

Hi-Fi+ has long been a firm believer in combining the best in audio with the best in cocktail-based engineering, and Newport Beach affords the best of both worlds. Here is my take on the best martinis, sorry loudspeakers, in California recently.

Magnepan were demonstrating their Mini-Maggie system and sounded particularly resplendent in this environment.

MBL, as always, produced a great sound, coupled with their own electronics. Here we see the Radialstrahler 101 X-treme

PBN Audio Sammy, this product looks, and sounds very sophisticated, it consists of 69 stacked ribbed frames, 2 x 10” Woofers, 2 x 4” mid-range drivers and a 1” Berylium Dome Tweeter.

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