T.H.E. Newport Beach 2014 - Loudspeakers Part I

Show report

Alongside the well-known Janszen Audio Za2.1, the company showed its new Za1.1 - 17" tall, 30 Hz - 40 kHz, unique deep bass woofer at rear, now in production at $4495/pair

One of the stars of any show, the little $7,000 Jospeh Audio Pulsars show what a good standmount loudspeaker is capable of in the hands of the right designer.

KEF was taking a break from showing off its flagship designs, preferring instead to showcase its more affordable R900 floorstander in ice white gloss livery. It sounded good all the same.

The $6,999 Larsen 8 is rare in US markets as it is designed as a boundary loudspeaker, intended for close to wall use. Nevertheless, it can reach down to a healthy 23Hz.  These are fine music makers, with a wide sonic stage and a good bass.

The $18,000 Cello by LaurenceAudio is a five-driver, 3.5-way floorstander, with an air-motion transducer tweeter and (rarest of rare) an AMT mid-treble unit, coupled to carbon-fibre bass and subwoofer drivers.

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