The Press Conference that Almost Wasn’t

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Esoteric M2Tech HiFace Evo
The Press Conference that Almost Wasn’t

The first day the show floor is open at CES isn’t a good time to hold a press conference. Esoteric found this out the hard way when their event, which was slated to host over thirty members of the high-end press only had two show up.

I was one of the people who stood them up. I have an excuse, but it’s a bad excuse. I simply blew it. I had a 9:00 AM appointment, which lasted till 9:55, then I attacked the show floor with my usual gusto. When I next looked at my watch it was 11:15, I was on the 35th floor and the conference was fifteen minutes away in the ballroom section of the Venetian. I had blown it. There was no way I could arrive before 11:30.

Robert Harley and Alan Taffel were the only two people who attended Esoteric’s presentation. Obviously they are better organized than myself and 27 other high-end journalists. But in my defense I have to say that holding an event in the late morning during the first show day of CES was a mistake. Breakfast meetings, lunch meetings, and dinner meetings work, but 11:00 simply does not.

Here’s some photographs of the new products that Esoteric would have shown me if I had made it to their event. Esoteric’s new products include the K-01 digital source device, which is a flagship all-in-one advanced D/A converter and Super Audio CD/CD player and the K-03 which is a more affordable player-DA, that shares much of the K-01’s new technology. Esoteric also announced they will be distributing theM2Tech HiFace Evo, which is a USB to S/PDIF converter box that supports 192/24 data stream via asynchronous software drivers. This $400 unit will allow anyone with a conventional or legacy DAC to play from a USB source. Esoteric will also be distributing M2Tech’s 384/32 D/A convertor. It supports up to 384/32 and has USB, S/PDIF, AES/EBU, and Toslink inputs. Price TBD.

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