The Revolver Cygnis Loudspeaker

Revolver Cygnis
The Revolver Cygnis Loudspeaker

The revitalized Revolver brand has made quite a splash since its reemergence. Their range of highly regarded budget loudspeakers have recently been joined by an elegant turntable, echoing the company’s original name and roots. But standing astride these worthy and definitely high-value offerings we find the Cygnis loudspeaker, an ambitious three-way floorstander with a price-tag of £8000. That’s quite a leap in anybody’s language – especially when your point of departure is built on low-cost two-ways.

We first covered the Cygnis back in Issue 54 where it’s fair to say that they met with a mixed reception. Time and further experience have allowed us to gain a better understanding of both the speaker and its specific demands when it comes to set-up, mainly centering on the low-frequencies and their integration with the rest of the range. Indeed, looking at the Cygnis it’s hard to ignore the uncomfortably large area of front baffle between the midrange driver in it’s curved housing and the low-slung 10” bass unit. What quickly becomes apparent is that it’s all too easy to mimic that separation in the sonic performance if you don’t get things just right.

My first mistake was to employ a set of the generally reliable Symposium Rollerblocks in place of the speaker’s own substantial spikes complete with large, conical bosses. Motivated by fears for my wooden floor, this dropped the speaker a minimum of 25mm nearer to the floor, and in this instance, that’s critical. You see, Revolver have chosen 2pi loading for the bass driver, meaning that it receives reinforcement from both the baffle and the floor boundary. Alter the

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