The Revolver Cygnis Loudspeaker

Revolver Cygnis
The Revolver Cygnis Loudspeaker

even an almost glassy leanness if provoked. The good news is, that with resolution to burn you can afford to trade some in against the body and presence an amplifier can supply, a combination that makes the best of both. Hence the success of the Almarro, with its enthusiastic energy and drive; listen to this amp with the Cygnis and that’s what you’ll hear. But never forget that it’s the speaker that’s letting you hear it. Likewise, the Hovland RADIA delivers a crisper, more focused and transparent sound, which offers its own appeal and definitely plays to the speaker’s midrange agility. So it’s not that you can’t use a solid-state amp, but I wouldn’t want to go any leaner in balance than the Hovland’s sweetness… The Cygnis may lack the harmonic accuracy and development of some competing designs, offering instead a combination of coherent bandwidth and clearly defined musical detail, but it wears its heart well and truly on its sleeve. That means that you can hear all too clearly just what the driving amp is doing – and when you’ve got it right.

With the flood of high-value valve amps currently hitting the market, Revolver couldn’t have timed things better. Purists might argue that it’s a case of two wrongs making a right; those who listen and like the result won’t be bothered. Revolver’s Cygnis is both adventurous and different; get it right and it’s very right indeed.

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