The Show Must Go On

Queen LP reissues in an audiophile setting

Rega RP1

Warner and Queen have also joined forces with Rega to produce a special version of the Rega RP1 turntable, emblazoned with Queen logos.

What makes this tale different from just another news item, is LP is still experiencing fast growth (or maybe regrowth), and Queen remains extremely popular in the UK, so this is a golden opportunity to help promote the music and the audio industry. We’d love to see more people get into both vinyl and the sound it makes through a good system, and Queen’s reissues might just be the perfect opportunity.

There will always be nay-sayers. The furore that surrounded the Beatles stereo LPs being mastered at 24/96 suggests there may be some bumps ahead for the Queen box, but the technology used to remove what decades of tape storage can do only exists in the digital domain. Whatever, ignore them. This will be a lot of fun!

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