T.H.E Show, Newport Beach 2013: Photoblog - Turntables & Speakers

T.H.E Show, Newport Beach 2013: Photoblog - Turntables & Speakers

The official ribbon cutting ceremony.

T.H.E Show Newport Beach 2013 was a fantastic all round experience.  The show organiser, Richard Beers, recognises that home entertainment is a lifestyle, not solely limited to hi-fi, and to that end he organises many 'extra-curricular' activities during and after the show days.  From wine tasting, to super car exhibits and exquisite live music, it is no wonder that this show is becoming ever popular with attendees and exhibitors alike. The evening entertainment enables the exhibitors and visitors to wind down, around the pool in an informal environment.

I had the privilege of covering the show in its entirety, no limitations to price points or types of product.  As a result of this, it is impossible to cover everything that was seen and worthy of note.  I have taken the liberty of creating this report as more of a pictorial that a full blown written report.

Newport Beach is fast becoming one of the most important shows on the calendar, and certainly a force to be reckoned with on the US high-end audio scene. However, like many modern shows, it's as much a dealer event as it is a manufacturer's expo, and - coming hot on the heels of the Munich High End show - Newport Beach has become a venue for the tried and trusted rather than the newest and latest 'Product of the Month' components. 


A nice row of colourful Rega RP6's

Striking Rega's lined up

Music Hall mmf-11 playing in the Tweak Studio, hosted by Arnold Martinez

Kuzma's Stabi M (reviewed in HiFi+ issue 96) was exuding elegence and style as is to be expected.

Of course no show would be complete without a wacky looking, yet astonishing piece of engineering such as the Basis Audio turntable:

Maker Audio's room included this beautifully crafted turntable from PBN Audio

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