T.H.E Show, Newport Beach, 2014 Turntables

Show report
T.H.E Show, Newport Beach, 2014 Turntables

It’s always a pleasure to see so many turntables on display at a show. The dark days of a dozen years ago when vinyl sales were flat and everyone was considering their ‘final vinyl’ option seem long past now, and the turntable maker’s art is greatly appreciated again. Newport Beach is perhaps not the prime location for showcasing new vinyl replay. Long may it continue to spin!

Here's some of the best we saw at Newport Beach.

The AMG Viella V12, de coupled spindle, is a two piece construction.  It is unsuspended and weighs just under 57lbs. Heard here with an Ortofon  Cadenza Bronze cartridge.

The Grand Prix Audio Monaco Turntable was coupled with dCS electronics and VTL amps, along with Wilson loudspeakers and Grand Prix Audio system supports and stands. This was truly a force to be reckoned with.

Where do we begin? Brinkmann turntable, Kuzma and Graham arms, Benz cartridges, all on a HRS platform, with every kind of tweak, cleaner, and cartridge demagnetiser imaginable. The CDs were there for ballast. It sounded good though!

Merrill Williams REAL 101, now in revised livery, is fast becoming a popular choice among vinylistas and analogue aficionados; this has an Energy Management Design, and looks and sounds great.

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