T.H.E Show, Newport Beach, 2014 Turntables

Show report

Basis is always a popular choice among American show-goers, although the brand has never found solid footing in the UK, which is a great shame.

This Pear Audio Blue – Kid Thomas Turntable with Pear Audio Blue – Cornet 2 Tonearm, coupled with an Ortofon Cadenza Bronze Cartridge, was very impressive.  The Lehman Decade phonostage at $2,099 complemented the set up very well.  My sources tell me that there is a new entry level model on the way, which will have a promotional price of around $2,995. Be on the look out for this!

The Transrotor Orfeo Table, with just one motor and arm here (can handle three of each); in this case, a Triplanar Mk VII.

VPI has subtly changed the Classic line of turntables recently, moving the motor position and making a bigger, bolder top-plate statement. In the process keeping it more in line with the new Direct Drive flagship.

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