The SRM Arezzo Ultra Turntable

SRM Arezzo Ultra
The SRM Arezzo Ultra Turntable

Oscar Wilde claimed to have the simplest of tastes; he was always satisfied with the best. But, while many of us would no-doubt - like Oscar - be more than happy with the most expensive product in a manufacturer’s range, there is the small matter of cost. Your available budget doesn’t always run to the best…

So, a product that’s keenly priced to begin with and easily upgradeable, has distinct benefits and appeal. It means you can start with the standard model, and then upgrade as funds permit. That’s the big selling point of SRM’s Arezzo turntable. There are three versions: the basic Arezzo; The Arezzo Kinetic; and the Arezzo Ultra.

The Arezzo costs £599 and features a resonance-controlled three part acrylic plinth with three-point isolation. The AC synchronous motor drives the platter via a ‘Duo Drive’ twin belt system. The Arezzo Kinetic costs £998, and adds a balanced flywheel alongside the motor, with drive using five (yes, FIVE!) belts.

The Arezzo Ultra is similar to the Kinetic, but comes with a high-current power supply, isolation platform, and lift on/off acrylic dust cover. It costs £1498. The various Arezzo upgrades are as follows. The Kinetic Drive costs £399. The high Current PSU costs £399. The isolation platform and dust cover cost £249. The deck can be bought ready-fitted with the Moth (Rega) arm. The basic Moth Mk 1 (RB-250) with SRM Resonance-Controlled Counterweight costs £130. With Incognito wiring, this increases to £245. The Moth Mk 3 (RB- 300) with SRM Resonance Controlled Counterweight costs £165; with Incognito wiring it’s £305.

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