The Tuneable Experience880-more than one interconnect in a single cable

The Tuneable Experience880-more than one interconnect in a single cable

For a demonstration unlike any other, visit Wire On Wire’s room at Audio London 2017, where we will be launching our Experience880 audio cable. Why is it so different? Because it’s tuneable so you can access more than one high-end interconnect from a single cable.

Wire On Wire’s ground-breaking REDpurl™ adaptive asymmetric geometry is at the heart of its high-end Experience range. Unlike other audio cables, with their fixed geometry, they can be tuned to access the full potential of your listening room and audio system.

Every element of the new Experience880, designed and hand-built by Wire On Wire in Britain, has been specified without compromise after extensive listening tests. A new bespoke conductor within its REDpurl™ geometry brings levels of clarity and neutrality to new highs, whilst maintaining a deeply musical presentation.

Chris Bell, designer and owner at Wire On Wire, says “We will be demonstrating our new Experience880 tuneable interconnect and Experience660s speaker cable and how their adaptability brings out the best in a system. We look forward to meeting you in Room 6 on the third floor of the Audio London section at this year’s Indulgence Show where you will find some great offers on our cables.”,

(REDpurl™ adaptive asymmetric geometry: UK patent pending GB1602578.5, EU Registered Design No.002544171)


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To find out more about Wire on Wire and its REDpurl™ audio cable range, please call 01372 800605 or email the team at Alternatively, please visit You can also contact the company via Twitter and follow @WireOnWire to find out up-to-date news.                                                                                                 

About Wire on Wire

Wire on Wire, established in 2016, is a Surrey-based company that hand-builds tuneable audio cables using its unique REDpurl™ adaptive asymmetric geometry.

Founder and designer Chris Bell developed the idea of a loose ‘bunch of wires’, free of the regular repeating geometries found in conventional audio cables that adapts to individual listeners and different hi-fi systems. He developed a new braiding technique to deliver a practical version of this asymmetric geometry.

Wire on Wire has an ongoing development programme designing a range of high fidelity audio products based on its REDpurl™ adaptive asymmetric geometry. All its audio cables are built by hand in Britain, the first of which was the Experience680 RCA audio interconnect delivering exacting standards of hi-fi music reproduction, which was awarded ‘Highly Recommended’ by HifiPig in 2016. The Experience680S, a reference-level speaker cable using our unique REDpurl™ design was launched in 2017.

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