The Usher 6371 Loudspeaker

Usher 6371
The Usher 6371 Loudspeaker

Usher first arrived on these shores, not so much with a splash as with a resounding thud. Two ranges of speakers were each given their own room at that year’s London hi-fi show, the one on the left containing the “JMlabs” look-alikes, the one on the right, those “inspired” by Sonus Faber. Imitation may well be the sincerest form of flattery, but this was taking homage at least several steps too far.

But the times they are a changing and the capability of emerging economies to both mimic existing designs and deliver astonishing value for money are now solid parts of the hi-fi landscape. It was Usher’s misfortune to be well to the fore in the first wave of such designs, but their products, like those of their compatriots, have started to develop and take on their own identity. I remain to be convinced by the beryllium domed tweeter that graces their more expensive models, but further down the range there’s definitely nuggets to be dug out – whacking great big ones too…

The 6371 is an imposing and impressively finished, two-and-a-half way loudspeaker; faintly ironic given the hoo-hah the manufacturer makes over their use of Joe D’Appolito as a designer. If the ‘central carcass and contrasting wooden side cheeks’ formula is far from original, then it’s fair to say that the 6371 at least offers its own take on it: the deep, sloping, central cabinet is beautifully lacquered and profiled, set off by the side panels that flank the drivers and the tweeter faring on top. At 1150mm tall it’s a substantial beast by anyone’s measure, but to that you can add the weight of a massive cast iron base. There’s even a cavity in the bottom of the cabinet which owners can fill with lead shot. The whole lot stands on

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