Thorens TD-907 turntable

Thorens TD-907

I don’t want to damn the complete TD-907 with faint praise though. The whole caboodle is excellent in and of itself. The 907’s suspension system is both easy to set-up (with the aforementioned caveat), stays set when fixed, and provides adjustable damping to make deck, arm, and cartridge work together in the widest range of settings. And the whole package looks super cool, especially in zebrano finish. Thorens top of the 900 series deserves to be taken really seriously, whatever arm or cartridge used.

Thorens has made a turntable that is more than just a retro special. The TD-907 is a fine design in and of itself, more than worthy of standing alongside many of the company’s classics. There’s often little ‘new’ in turntable design, but the variable damping system is an innovative solution to matching the turntable to the system, and it works well. The fact it looks retro-cool too is perhaps icing on the cake, but it’s a damn good icing! Recommended, both as a complete system, and as a turntable platform for a classic arm. 


Type: Turntable, with tonearm

Drive system: Belt drive, using flat precision belt

Motor: Servo-controlled AC synchronous

Speeds: 33.33, 45rpm

Speed control: Electronic

Platter: 300mm diameter, 6.5kg, non-magnetic

Arm supplied: Thorens TP-92/10” (optional)

Anti-skate mechanism: Automatic

Automatic: No

Automatic stop: No

Cable capacitance: 140pF

Power Supply: 115/230V, 50/60Hz

Available in: gloss black, gloss white, zebrano

Dimensions (W×H×D): 47 × 38 × 19cm 

Weight: 12kg

Price: £10,999 (£10,199 without arm)

Manufactured by: Thorens


Distributed in the UK by: UKD


Tel: +44(0)1425 460760

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