Thorens TD160HD Turntable

2Channel Distribution Thorens TD 160 HD
Thorens TD160HD Turntable

But let’s try and put the Thorens into some sort of context. As appealing as it should be to anybody looking for a high value record player, just consider the special fascination it will hold for all those who owned, once aspired to own, or still own a Linn. Just think; you could buy a Keel sub-chassis upgrade for an LP12 or, for around half the price, a whole new deck to mount an existing or new arm on – leaving you around a £1000 to spend on peripherals, and we know how this deck responds to those! Am I really suggesting that the 160 is a viable alternative to a fully loaded Linn? I don’t know, not having heard the latest LP12, but I’m confident that the Thorens will give any of the previous Linn incarnations a run for their money. Yes, the TD160HD really is that good. In fact, this Thorens has to represent one of the biggest analogue bargains of all time. Given the dedicated following that still clings to the Linn and the stratospheric price rises on that product, let alone all the analogue newbies and born-agains, the TD160HD could (and should) be the most significant analogue product launched in the UK this year. Suddenly, being sensible seems almost… sensible!

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