Totaldac is announcing the new d100 speakers.

Totaldac is announcing the new d100 speakers.

The d100 speakers have been designed to offer the most natural music reproduction while being compatible with your living room and without being too expensive.

Their high sensitivity allow them to produce a very controlled sound at all frequencies and with realistic and rich bass, making them suitable for all types of music genres, from classical music to electro.

With the d100 speakers are so fast that you get the "feeling of being there" with most music tracks, not just with some selected tracks.

During the design phase some music recorded by Totaldac in the large Totaldac auditorium have also been used.
This gave an absolute feeling of how these instruments should sound.
The recording equipment will also be used to record the speaker themselves. 
These corresponding videos will be posted on the Totaldac Youtube channel
The d100 have also been tested with success in small rooms.

You can give them a chance against any other speakers at any price and let the listening test decide which one gives you more pleasure.
A 20-day home trial is possible, just like all Totaldac DACs, streamers and amplifiers.

A first batch is currently in production for delivery to customers in spring 2021.
Orders are already open

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