Triangle Antal Anniversary loudspeakers

Triangle Antal Anniversary
Triangle Antal Anniversary loudspeakers

We are all a little late to the party. Triangle was founded in 1980 and this special trio of loudspeakers celebrates the company’s 30th anniversary. However, the range was completed last year. So, we’re only a bit late. It’s not like companies still using the Olympics sponsor logo across the UK, even though London 2012 was two summers ago. Instead, it’s the kind of trivial temporal detail you can always pass off with a shrug.

The simple fact is Triangle has something to celebrate as it enters its fourth decade. The loudspeaker brand has a distinctive, passionate approach to loudspeaker design, backed up by some significant R&D, and a brand loyalty that is second to none, both in its native France and increasingly autour du monde. The company building its own drive units in-house, something that sets the great apart from the good, ably demonstrates this commitment.

The Antal floorstander (and the Voce centre and the Comete standmount) have formed a consistent part of the Triangle range for the longest time. So, it’s only logical that these long-standing members of the party should be given the Anniversary treatment. Antal is a three-way, four driver floorstander design, which places great emphasis on mid-band clarity and speed, and efficiency. The Anniversary is no different, except it has a more solid, lacquered cabinet and a specific cellulose pulp midrange unit designed for the Anniversary model. It shares many of the common elements found in most Triangle midrange drivers, in particular the pleated suspension system, which the company helps lower drive unit colouration.

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