Triangle Magellan Duetto

Triangle Magellan Duetto
Triangle Magellan Duetto

The baby of Triangle’s flagship Magellan range, it would be easy to dismiss the Duetto as being just another ported two-way standmount design. It’s not. It’s the distillation of years of the French brand’s distinctive approach to loudspeaker design, in a form factor that doesn’t dominate the room. And the sound reflects all of this perfectly. It could also be easy to dismiss this speaker as a blinged-up version of the brand’s Comete Ex, from its significantly cheaper Esprit range. That one’s wrong too, but for different reasons.

In fact, the Duetto is every bit the Magellan loudspeaker, cut from exactly the same clothe as the enormous Magellan Grande Concert (which is big and powerful enough to fill the 200,000m3 cathedral at Amiens with sound), just scaled down to an appropriate level to do the same for 12m2 – 30m2 rooms; the sort of places real-world people end up playing music. This isn’t just some PR spin suggesting ‘trickle down’ is happening; the Duetto shares components with the 2.15m tall, cathedral-filling superhero speakers.

Specifically, they all share the 29mm TZ2900 GC tweeter found in every loudspeaker in the range (except the Voce centre channel, which has a variation on the same theme). This deep, horn-loaded design features a bullet-shaped phase plug set across the dome of the tweeter itself and has been optimised to work in harmony with the horn, while behind the tweeter dome itself is a small piece of damping material designed to lower distortion in the tweeter itself. The tweeter housing itself has a rear cover, which is fine-tuned to the cabinet, allowing precisely the same tweeter to be used in all models in the range. It’s a heavy beast, too; that horn weighs almost a kilo and a half in its own right.

It’s partnered by a T16GM-MT10-GC1 latex-impregnated paper cone mid/woofer design, which is very similar to 160mm midranges found in the other speakers in the Magellan series. It retains the very high crossover point (2.8kHz, with a 24dB per octave slope) and linearity from 70Hz-4kHz of the bigger speakers midrange drivers, but with a roll-off that doesn’t get handed over to a bass speaker. The driver shares the same basic properties common to all the Magellan midranges though; ultra-light cone, die-cast alloy basket and strong emphasis on heat dissipation. It’s this cone that is, in fact, the secret to the Magellan Duetto sound.

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