Tributaries HDMI Right Angle Adapters Are Almost Useful...

Tributaries HDMI Right Angle Adapters Are Almost Useful...

Tributaries HDMI Right Angle Adapters Are Almost Useful

Recently I received a press release from Tributaries Cable Tributaries Cable announcing two new models of right angle HDMI Adapters. I immediately contacted their PR firm and arranged to try them out since in the past both of my home theater systems have had issues with poor HDMI connections caused by having to bend HDMI cables into extreme positions. The Tributaries adapters seemed like an elegant solution to this problem – by changing the connection angle by 90 degrees you can relieve most of the strain on the HDMI connections.

Tributaries has two versions of their HDMI adapters, the HDMI-A (ADAP-RAHDMIA) and HDMI-B (ADAP-RAHDMIB). Both measure about .75-inches wide, tall and deep. The HDMI-B comes with the flat side down, while the HDMI-A comes with the flat side up, so one version points up while the other points down. I got several of each.

Tributaries press release states, “The space-saving design ensures the crucial HDMI connection will be secure." Tributaries president Joe Perfito adds, “Many of today's components and TVs have to be installed on a wall or in a cabinet, leaving little room behind the components for the various connectors. This is especially true for HDMI, which tend to be longer than standard RCA."

Unfortunately the adapters are not as useful as I had hoped. The reason was simple – most receivers, AV preamps, and scalers have their HDMI connections jammed so close together that the right angle adapters blocked other needed connections. The Tributaries adapters are not unique in this. Most right angle HDMI adapters don’t stick out far enough before they make their up or down 90 degree turn to permit easy access to the connections above or below them.

A more useful design would need to have a longer shank on the HDMI adapter before its 90 degree turn so you could still access the connections above or below it. Hopefully Tributaries will bring out another version that solves this problem.

Priced at $20 each MSRP, these adapters are more expensive than generic versions but less pricey than similar adapters from Monster Cable.  I would advise you to look carefully at the back of your AV receiver, pre/pro, or scaler to make sure the Tributaries adapters will work before you buy them. My review samples are in my adapter box waiting for an opportunity to be useful…

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