Trilogy 906 Phono Stage

Trilogy 906 Phono Stage

Vinyl’s timeless musical appeal is very close to the heart of Trilogy. The 907 Phono Stage remains one of Trilogy’s most loved and popular designs.

The Trilogy 906 Phono Stage has a very close bond with its illustrious sister, bringing genuine audiophile performance to a more affordable price point.


The simpler a design is; the more constraints are placed upon it. With that in mind, it takes real skill and experience to keep performance high and cost  low. As with each Trilogy product, every component has been chosen with the utmost care, each circuit element carefully assessed, developed and then scrutinised by the designer Nic Poulson to ensure the highest performance possible.

Class A

The 906 has a signal path free from cheap, off-the-shelf op-amp integrated circuits. The gain stages are single ended Class A and fully discrete. Each individual component has been chosen for its audio performance alone.

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