Tsakiridis Devices Aeolos Super Plus integrated amplifier

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Tsakiridis Aeolos Super Plus

There are a few sonic limitations that make their presence felt, however. I did find the bass was a little soft at times, more in line with classic Leak amplifier chassis than the more meaty, beaty, and beefy sound of, say, a McIntosh or Audio Research. This did vary very slightly from speaker to speaker, but was very comfortable with the Triangles. That being said, while the slight question over broad compatibility prevents the amp from achieving ‘panacea’ status, the fact remains that when suitably partnered, the Tsakiridis’ bass can take on a fast-paced, precise tonality, that gets you closer to the stickwork of Steve Gadd on Steely Dan’s ‘Aja’ from the album of the same name [MCA]. Gadd’s fills here are some of the most complex drum sounds you can hear on record, so to nail them so effectively is a tough call.

The Tsakiridis Devices Aeolos Super Plus does all the right things in the right places. It’s decidely European in design and build, without costing a fortune. It sounds like a good valve amp always did, before they became synonymous with ‘warm and rich’ sounds. And it’s unpretentious and doesn’t cost a fortune. Care is needed in matching it to speakers, but get it right and the sound is hard to beat. Especially at the price.

Technical Specifications

Push-pull, Class AB valve integrated amplifier

Tube complement: 4x 12AT7, 4x KT120

Power output: 60W per channel

Inputs: 4x RCA stereo line level

Outputs: 1x RCA tape loop, WBT speaker terminals

THD+N: 0.38% (1W at 1kHz)

Intermodulation distortion: 2.1% (60Hz/7kHz, @ 1W)

Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz ±0.2dB

Signal to noise ratio: 85dB

Dimensions (WxHxD): 28.5x40x20cm

Weight: 12kg

Price: £1,745

Manufactured by: Tsakiridis Devices

URL: www.tsakiridis-devices.com

Distributed by: Flamingo Audio

URL: www.flamingoaudio.co.uk

Tel: +44(0)121 212 9288

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