Tune Audio Prime Loudspeakers

Tune Audio Prime
Tune Audio Prime Loudspeakers

Manolis Proestakis of Tune Audio is a sensitive soul. As are his loudspeakers; the Prime tested here is rated at 93dB, and is thus ideal with amplifiers of the single-ended triode persuasion. 

Tune Audio’s range consists of three horn-loaded floorstanders and an active horn subwoofer. They are all designed and built in Greece, using Baltic plywood, classic drivers, and proper old school components with simple first order crossovers. All three models feature Fostex drivers, but where the larger Anima is a three-way, the Marvel and the smaller Prime two-ways make use of heavily modified Fostex drivers. In the Prime, these comprise a FE168EZ driver run virtually full range, coupled with a similarly extensively modified FT96H horn-loaded ‘bullet’ supertweeter. 

The back of the main driver is loaded by a 2.48 metre folded horn that directs output to the bottom of the speaker, which also forms the mouth of the horn. If you lay the speaker on its side, you can see the inch thick ply and the crossover network attached to the back of the terminal panel. The latter has a few substantial components that are hardwired with waxed cotton insulated, oxygen free copper cables.

Its crossover is comprised of two NOS (‘New Old Stock’) military-grade paper-in-oil capacitors for the high-pass filter and an air cored coil for the low-pass. This last component is wound in-house, using the same OFC cable as the internal wiring, and is then bonded in beeswax to provide a degree of damping. The terminals are gold plated brass types of the expensive variety. The Prime is available in a selection of standard veneers, including the European walnut shown here, but it can also be custom finished to match an existing wood or paint finish for a premium.

Tune Audio does not detail how low the bass goes because horn-loading is so dependent on the room and how near you can get the speakers to the boundaries of that room, but I was told 35Hz is achievable. You can also alter the character of the bass on this speaker by adjusting how high the Prime is from the floor using the supplied gold-plated spikes; the higher it is the bigger the bass, it seems. And there’s always Tune Audio’s Pulse powered subwoofer, if you need to call for reinforcements. 

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