Ultimate Ears UE200 Earphones (Playback 52)

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Logitech/Ultimate Ears UE200
Ultimate Ears UE200 Earphones (Playback 52)

Few people upgrade overnight from the free earbuds that came with their MP3 players to $1000+ premium performance earphones. Most work their way, incrementally, up the audio food chain. But for the journey to begin there must be a first step. Priced under $30, the Ultimate Ears UE200 in-ear earphones are positioned to be any future audiophile’s first up-market purchase. They are Ultimate Ears’ second least expensive in-ears earphones, and for $30 the UE200 will clue you in on why anyone would bother using ear-buds that you must actually buy.


Ultimate Ears UE200, technical highlights:

•Earphone Type: In-ear
•Driver type: Moving-Coil/Diaphragm
•Accessories: Five sizes of soft silicon ear tips, plastic carrying case
•Frequency response: 20Hz – 20 kHz
•Impedance: 16 ohms
•Sensitivity: 107 dB/mW, 1 kHz
•Noise isolation: -26 dB
•Weight: 11 g
•Warranty: 2 years
•Cable length: 45 inches (115 cm)
•Input type: Angled
•Input connector: 1/8 inch (3.5mm)
•Colors: Purple, blue, or gray


The sound: The most important part of the musical spectrum is the midrange, (from 500 to 5000 Hz approximately) because that’s where most music resides. Sure, the bass and treble regions are important too. But if the midrange is wrong, no amount of extra tiss and boom will make the sound you hear more musical. Ultimate Ears earphones designers realized this and made a heroic decision; they would create an entry-level in-ear headphone that concentrated on getting the midrange right. This flies in the face of the current and unfortunate trend in “premium” earphones toward maximizing the bass and treble and letting the midrange fall as it may.

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