Ultralink/XLO Will Highlight Argentum Acoustics Cables At CES

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Ultralink/XLO Will Highlight Argentum Acoustics Cables At CES

According to a company press release, Ontario, CA-based Ultralink/XLO Products will feature its Argentum-series interconnects and cables at the company’s upcoming CES display.

According to the release, Argentum Acoustics cables are targeted primarily toward high-end, two-channel applications, but “work extremely well in crossover video applications where sound is paramount.” The Argentum cable range includes the following models:

•    RCA/XLR MYTHOS interconnects,
•    MILLENNIA AES/EBU digital datalink,
•    PROTEUS-12 power cord,
•    AUREUS-2 speaker cables (offered in single and biwire configurations), and
•    ARGENTO digital (75 ohm) coaxial cable.

Construction details vary from model to model, and between applications, but highlights are as follows:

•    Conductors: 99.9998% pure UPOCC copper (except for the ARGENTO digital coax cable, which uses silver conductors).
•    Insulators (dielectrics): DuPont Teflon.
•    Interconnect plugs: 24K gold-plated, nonmagnetic, low mass, low self-inductance plugs.
•    Speaker-cable plugs: 8mm billet-cut spade lugs made of 99.9945 pure CDA alloy 101 copper (gold-plated) or Deltron-style banana plugs.
•    Other treatments: All Argentum Acoustics cables are cryogenically treated.

Prices: $300 to $1850

For a downloadable white paper on Argentum cable technology, visit: www.argentumacoustics.com and click on the “Multimedia” page.


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