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Urbanears Bagis

While the Bagis cable is not removable or replaceable, if you use the Bagis with a standard MP3 player the (included) 5-inch standard stereo adapter cable will act as “quick release” break-away that will protect the rest of cable from trauma. The first time I used the Bagis during a workout this design feature saved the cable from damage when it got caught on a leg abductor machine; instead of breaking, the adapter cable merely pulled out of its socket with no harm done.

The Bagis come with a one-year “premium” replacement warranty. What this means is that for a year, if the product fails the original authorized dealer, at their discretion, can replace it. Not only is this warranty longer than for most under $100 earbuds, it doesn’t require returning them to directly to Urbanears for warranty replacement. Of course the warranty doesn’t cover abuse, which would include trying to use the earbuds under water or in outer space.


  • Darker than neutral voicing with reasonable bass energy.
  • Smooth euphonic midrange.
  • Sweet and rolled-off high-end.
  • Adequate imaging specificity.
  • Decent dynamic contrast.

Designing a harmonically neutral earphone is a delicate balancing act, whether it costs $35 or $350. It’s all too easy to end up with an earphone that is bass-heavy or bass-light. Judged in terms of absolute neutrality, the Bagis bass is overly richly endowed (especially in the kick-drum range), and slow. But somehow the Bagis manage to survive this extra dollop of bass without irrevocably interfering with the midrange.

The Bagis bass resolution was slightly soft and woolly, especially when compared with the clarity and control of its’ midrange. The bass was also a bit slow, meaning it hung around after a note had stopped, giving you the sort of response you might hear if listening to bass instruments in an overly reverberant space. The bass tended to “bloom" so that the listener

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