Urbanears Medis High-Performance Earbud/Headset (Playback 58)

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Urbanears Medis

Why would someone choose a non-isolating, unsealed on/in-ear headphone design like the Medis? They are ideal if you plan to wear ‘phones somewhere that you must be aware of your environment, such as when you’re out running, biking, or strolling on urban streets. Also, for some people the pressurization of a within-the-ear-canal ‘phone is too uncomfortable to tolerate. The Medis design offers a refreshingly open option.


•15.4mm handmade drivers.
•EarClick construction secures the earpiece to your outer ear at two points.
•Tangle-resistant 47-inch signal cord.
•Comes with remote-compatible stereo plug for i-Phone, Blackberry, HTC, etc.
•Has adapter cable for standard stereo MP3 players
•Includes 4 sizes of ear pads

Ergonomic Highlights and Lowlights

The more earphones I review, the more aware I’ve become that the way a pair of earphones fit is the single most important aspect of their performance because it affects all other performance parameters. Based on fit alone the Medis obtained high marks for innovation. They aren’t the first earbuds to use a two-point system to keep them in place in your outer ears, but their solution is unique. The Medis interchangeable rubber pads serve to hold the earbuds in place by fitting under your upper ear ridge. The B&W C5s uses a somewhat similar approach but instead of interchangeable rubber pads, B&W employs an adjustable metal loop and more conventional ear-tips. I tried all four different supplied bumpers and settled on the largest ones. I didn’t think my ears were that big…

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