Vertex AQ Aneto DC Offset blocker

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Vertex AQ Aneto
Vertex AQ Aneto DC Offset blocker

And it’s this slow realisation after the immediate effect of the DC blocking that might just make the Aneto the gateway to Vertex AQ’s deeper concepts on RF, EMI, and resonance control. The product gets quieter, but then a day or two later, it begins to sound more coherent and focused as the filter begins to take effect. This effect also improves between Silver and Hi-Rez.

Vertex AQ’s Aneto gets a reserved recommendation because there will be many for whom its DC offset blocking benefits are unnecessary. But for those who need to get rid of some noise, the Aneto not only works well, but it has an added ‘Systematic’ bonus, too. At which point, recommendation is near mandatory!

Product details

Vertex AQ Aneto DC blocker

Standard: £630

Silver: £998

Hi-Rez: £1,493

Manufactured by: Vertex AQ


Tel: +44 (0)1597 825993

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