Vivid Audio Giya G3

Small is Beautiful

Vivid Audio Giya G3
Vivid Audio Giya G3

The curvy Vivid Giya G3 loudspeaker is a smaller version of the Giya G2, itself a Giya G1 ‘mini-me’. And at CES this year, the company showed a Giya G4 and it’s even smaller. If Giya got any smaller, it would be the world’s most radical desktop, but Vivid has stated it’s done with Honey, I Shrunk The Speakers. For now.

The G3 challenge for Vivid engineer Lawrence ‘Dic’ Dickie was to make a smaller Giya, but not so small that it wouldn’t take the 125mm upper mid driver seen on bigger Giyas. All three Giya models share a common motor system for the bass drivers, arranged back to back and firing sideways in this model. It’s effectively like putting a V12 engine in a Mini; the cones are only 135mm in diameter, but have the magnet system from a 225mm driver. With a short coil in a long gap, control is not likely to be an issue; it’s more likely that the bass system could sound overly dry. You could even end up with midrange that’s capable of high SPLs but no bass. That is unless the company is Vivid, which has the enormous advantage of being able to design the cabinet, the drivers and the crossovers as one system. This is because it makes every part of its speakers at its facility in Durban, South Africa. So Dic designed the bass system to give the best fusion of speed and extension that he can in this four-way, five driver loudspeaker.

The cabinet construction remains a sandwich of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) skins either side of end grain balsa. This results in an immensely stiff yet relatively lightweight cabinet that ensures minimum vibration at audio frequencies, and thus minimises cabinet colouration. It also allows for automotive quality paint finishes in the colour of your choice.

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