VooDoo Cable Stradivarius Amati signal cables and Dynasty power cords

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VooDoo Cable Stradivarius Amati signal cables and Dynasty power cords

Calling a cable brand ‘VooDoo’ is at once asking for and shutting down trouble from audio’s Angry Brigade.  Those who think audio cables are all voodoo anyway are going to be angered by the name because they can’t be angry about it. It’s up there with the Heart Attack Grill, but with less risk of atherosclerosis. In fact, VooDoo Cable is relatively open about its construction and product development and no chickens were sacrificed or zombies were raised in the making of these cables.   

Instead, VooDoo Cable goes with good quality conductors (primarily high-purity copper and silver) with silver-plated copper braid shields and Teflon dielectrics. The components that go to make up the company’s cables are all cryo-treated in VooDoo’s own “computer-calibrated cold-fusion liquid nitrogen deep-immersion cryogenic process.” These component parts are then wound to length by hand in VooDoo’s own engineering shop.

The cables themselves are offset and enhanced by a catalogue of the best and brightest stars in the audio firmament, featuring Cardas, Wattgate, Furutech, and Hubbell connectors where relevant. In addition, every cable supplied is given a full machine polish and given the Caig contact treatment spa treatment before dispatch.

We picked a selection of some of VooDoo’s more up-scale ranges, with two sets of power cords from the Dynasty range, and signal cables from the Stradivarius Amati line. I guess any cable that is named after not one but two Cremonase violin-making families and a 1980s TV series with Joan Collins must be good! 

The Dynasty power cords are of similar size and weight, but designed for very different use; the Dynasty Digital is best used for (as the name suggests) digital audio components, and low-power products like preamps and phono stages, where the Dynasty Power is designed to partner beefier power amplifiers. VooDoo suggests the power cord is the most important and sonically-influential cable of the lot, and judging by the performance, VooDoo has a point.

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