In its drive to support the medical services, VPI has halted its turntable production line to instead manufacture bottles of hand sanitiser, face masks and 3D printed parts for ventilators. Now, to try and help fight the spread of COVID-19, it has created the VPI Safe Hand.

The Safe Hand has been designed to ensure that when opening a door, the user does not have to touch the handle. Configured to work with most types of door handles, it also has a contact point to allow the safe operation of checkout touchscreens in supermarkets, bank ATMs, lift buttons, door entry keypads and touch screens on ‘phones and tablets. Its clever ergonomic form means that it can even be used in the bathroom!

Manufactured from antimicrobial copper, the VPI Safe Hand limits the chances of the user coming into contact with germs and reduces the spread of any possible infection. Its lightweight design ensures it is easy to carry around.

VPI will be offering the Safe Hand free of charge to the medical services and selling it online at $20.

Mat Weisfeld, commented, ‘The VPI Safe Hand is a great next step for us in our efforts to help combat COVID-19. I am delighted to be able to offer it to the medical services at no cost and I am certain many of our customers will want one too. The Safe Hand’s functionality and durability ensure that it is something people will want to continue to use long after this crisis has passed.’

VPI can be reached at: info@vpiindustries.com

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VPI Industries Inc. is a high-end audio manufacturer founded in 1978. All VPI products are designed and built in the United States in Cliffwood, New Jersey. VPI’s sonic philosophy is to reproduce the dynamics of live music in the home and that the illusion of reality cannot be duplicated without a convincing resolution of low-level detail, along with a natural sense of acoustic space. VPI products are sold in over 65 countries across the globe.

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