Wadia 151 PowerDAC mini Combination Integrated Amp/DAC (Playback 33)

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Wadia Digital 151 PowerDAC mini
Wadia 151 PowerDAC mini Combination Integrated Amp/DAC (Playback 33)

The Wadia 151 PowerDAC mini combines a class D integrated amplifier with an advanced DAC in a small package. This combination of functions not only matches Wadia’s well-known 170 iTransport (one of the few iPod docks to actually extract digital data from the iPod), but it also presents a very attractive solution for desktop audio (or other small systems) where space is inevitably at a premium. By design, the iTransport and the PowerDAC mini share the same footprint so that the transport can be stacked on top of the amp.

The questions for products like this always represent a combination of “does it sound good?” and “is it a good value?” The answers are slightly complex, but let me summarize by saying that after many weeks with the 151, I want one. You, of course, aren’t me, so read on for a more objective view.

Consider this amplifier/DAC if: You want a refined, dynamic sound that majors in instrumental separation. Also check this out if desktop space is at a premium.

Look elsewhere if: You want flexible input/output capabilities, or you favor a robust, rich sound.

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