Wilson Audio Sasha DAW floorstanding loudspeaker

Wilson Audio Sasha DAW

In fact, the Sasha DAW’s only real weakness is possibly also its greatest strength. This is not a loudspeaker that ever sounds bad (its greatest strength), but it also has the potential to sound truly soul-shakingly good. There will be some pairs of Sasha DAWs where that potential remains untapped. This is a loudspeaker where going to the extra place is not simply an exercise in navel-gazing but returns the kind of performance that can stop you in your tracks. Here’s a perfect test of the Sasha DAW’s true power; play something evocative like Jacqueline du Pré’s remarkable rendition of the Elgar Cello Concerto [Barbirolli, LSO, EMI]. Unless the system has been set-up with a pick-axe, you will get goose-bumps. When the system is fully on song and at its very best, you find yourself in tears. It’s an uncontrollable, almost atavistic, reaction to the music that happens when the system pulls the music into focus. You can find this in very well set-up systems, but usually in very well set-up systems that cost so much they could depth-charge the economy of a small island nation.

There is a tendency to view any suffix after the name of a product as simply a new version of that product. There was a Sasha W/P and a Sasha Series 2 before this, so one might be forgiven for thinking the Sasha DAW to be a ‘Mk 3’ model. Except that, once you actually hear the Sasha DAW, thinking that way is unforgivable. The Sasha DAW is no Sasha Mk 3… it’s Sasha reborn, pure and simple. It’s also perhaps the best way to honour Dave Wilson in a way he would have loved… with one of the best loudspeakers you can own right now!


Type: Two chassis floorstanding three-way loudspeaker


            Woofers:Two – 8 inch (20.32 cm)

            Midrange:One – 7 inch (17.78 cm)

            Tweeter:One – 1 inch, Dome (2.54 cm)

Enclosure Type Upper Module:Rear Vented Midrange, X&S-Material

Enclosure Type Woofer Module:Rear Ported Woofer, X-Material

Sensitivity:91 dB (one watt at one meter at 1kHz)

Nominal Impedance:4 ohms / minimum 2.48 ohms @ 85 Hz

Minimum Amplifier Power:25 watts per channel

Frequency Response:20 Hz –30 kHz +/- 3 dB room average response [RAR]

Dimensions (HxWxD):113.67x 36.83x 58.26 cm  

Weight: 107.05kg per channel

Price: £39,998 per pair

Manufacturer: Wilson Audio

URL: www.wilsonaudio.com

Distributed by: Absolute Sounds

URL: www.absolutesounds.com

Tel: +44(0)208 971 3909 

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