Wilson Audio Tune Tot stand-mount loudspeakers

Wilson Audio Tune Tot
Wilson Audio Tune Tot stand-mount loudspeakers

If you are one of the lucky few who have a dedicated listening room where speakers can be situated in exactly the optimum place for your hot-seat enjoyment and cables can run where they will without fear of accident, damage or other ‘social pressures’ then I envy you. For most of us the installation of an audio system brings a whole series of compromises, especially where speakers are concerned. This is especially true in the UK and particularly in small space city flats or apartments that dominate the living spaces of almost every major city in the world. Just about every speaker I have reviewed over the years has required me to make them fit my listening space in one way or another. Not so true of the Wilson Audio Tune Tots where I had to devise various ways of creating situations into which they could be utilised in the way that Wilson designed them to be. 

The Tune Tots are very small two-way speakers that incorporate all the Wilson hallmarks, from their amazing finish to a number of engineering options and solutions to very specific challenges. They come from Wilson’s Special Applications Engineering (WSAE) department and have been designed to fit just about anywhere, except on top of a dedicated stand which, in the UK at least, is exactly where most hardened audiophiles would look to site them. 

The Tune Tot will sit happily on a bookshelf, a desk, a cabinet of some description, or a table top – just about anywhere. In fact, the Tune Tots are designed to go where no high-end speaker has gone before. They are small and have restricted bass below about 65Hz but they are still lively enough to energise any surface, particularly home cabinets and storage units. This would normally spell disaster, but through judicious employment of variable length spikes that fit directly into the speaker’s base, an optional custom pair of plinths, dense foam bungs for the rear facing slot ports, and a detachable grille and of course that Wilson cabinet, most hostile environments can be tamed and the speaker ‘tuned’ to provide spectacularly good musical performances.

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