Wire on Wire Experience880 interconnects

Wire on Wire Experience880 interconnects

How you think about Wire on Wire says perhaps more about your perceptions about audio than the performance of the cable itself. If you buy cables the way Tsar Nicholas II used to buy Fabergé eggs, then Wire on Wire lacks ‘platinum-infused, gold-plated Vibranium’ heft and bling. Similarly, if your audio obsession really is an obsession, the infinite adjustability of the cable might just play to the ‘cornflake counter’ in you; the potential for never-ending ‘touch-ups’ to the system might mean every day means yet another tweak.

Wire on Wire also has an added – but paradoxical – advantage for ‘serial box swappers’. The cable is consistent enough to port from system to system, and its ability to dial out some of the more glaring mis-matches between components can be retuned for each new product in the system. However, those for whom the journey is more important than the destination might prefer the ‘storage box full of cables’ approach instead as it better satisfies their need to keep swapping the boxes.

Wire on Wire is a force for good in audio. It allows a degree of fine-tuning of performance between components that was hitherto unavailable, or at least was only available by churning through a wide range of very different cable designs at considerable time and expense. The results are extremely consistent, too; dial in the right performance between two components, and the system snaps or pops into focus as described above (sorry Crackle… it’s back to the Rice Crispies box for you!). The term ‘Experience’ in audio usually amounts to little more than one of those names companies turn to – it’s like ‘Reference’ or ‘Performance’ – but here it means something. If you ‘Experience’ what a tuneable cable can do in a system, there just might be no turning back.

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