Wired to the MOON? Moon 780D v2, Moon 700i v2 + Nordost

Friday 26th & Saturday 27th April 2019

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Simaudio Moon Evolution 780D
Wired to the MOON? Moon 780D v2, Moon 700i v2 + Nordost

It’s a triple product launch weekend at Loud & Clear on Friday 26th & Saturday 27th April.

We have two stonking new heavyweights from MOON by Simaudio – the 700i v2integrated amplifier and 780D v2 streaming DAC, as well as cables from US masters Nordost.

MOON 700i v2 – Love Your Music More

The MOON 700i v2 has been hailed as the ultimate one-box amplifier. Intended to meet the needs of the most demanding music connoisseurs, it is a fully differential dual-mono design offering authority, finesse and superb control. A huge improvement of it’s predecessor (a stunning amp in it’s own right), the 700i v2 provides even better sonic transparency and accuracy as well as increased flexibility. Some key features:

  • 9 digital inputs : USB, AES/EBU, SPDIF, Optical, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and aptXTM audio for Bluetooth®
  • Power supply using new MOON Hybrid Power (MHP) for exceptionally stable, ultra low noise DC output
  • “Lynx” Technology eliminates the global feedback loop allowing more accurate musical reproduction with respect to tonality and the elimination of common phase errors resulting from feedback
  • Multi-room synchronized playback
  • “Class A” power output to 5 watts for greater efficiency
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